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Enjoy a comfortable learning atmosphere and work with staff committed to excellence in pistol education.

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Course of Fire Training exists to teach safe pistol operation. Whether you're a complete beginner having never handled a firearm or a seasoned handgun owner in need of brushing up your technique, the Course of Fire staff is here to assist with your personalized lesson needs. 

Having worked alongside icons like Chris Tilley, we take pride in the fact we've worked with some of the best names in the industry to inform our own training. We make it our goal to pass this gold standard knowledge onto our students for their firearms education.

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Course of Fire
Course of Fire
Course of Fire
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"I didn’t own a gun, but as a woman living alone, I wanted to buy one and learn how to use it. Karen helped me through the whole process. She let me try her variety of pistols, made a recommendation for my purchase, and then coached me on shooting until I could shoot safely and accurately. She’s patient, professional, competent, and a ton of fun."

Chris - Apex, NC

"Karen is a skilled and patient firearms teacher, trainer, as well as a mentor.  I had never fired a gun before stepping up to the range with her. I immediately felt comfortable and was able to quickly put into practice what she had taught me.  I can't imagine a more more skilled instructor.  And, I will return again and again to Karen as I try to gain more proficiency in the handling and operation of firearms."

Bobby - Cary, NC

"As a woman interested in learning how to properly handle a gun, I looked to Karen as an instructor I could connect with.  And, I am sure I chose the right instructor.  But, not for the reasons I first imagined.  Karen is a clearly skilled instructor who speaks from experience both as a firearms expert but also as one well versed in personal security.  But, beyond the woman to woman connection, Karen's non-nonsense but patient and clear instruction made our training sessions useful, easy to understand and progressive as I built upon some limited knowledge of firearms and shooting.  She is an extremely good teacher and one that puts me at ease every time I am with her.  I would highly recommend her to anyone - man or woman - interested in learning to handle firearms the right way."

Corinne - Cary, NC

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